Mona Vance, Assessor

Phone: (870) 246-4431

401 Clay Street, First Floor
Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Fax: (870) 246-1421

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Mona and Office Staff

Office Staff Contacts

Tosha Horton

Admin Assist/GIS Analyst
Mapping, Deeds/Research

 (870) 246-4431

Anitra Horton

Chief Deputy
Deeds/Research, DAV

 (870) 246-4431

Erin Arnold

Deputy Assessor

(870) 246-4431

Lyla Rogers

Deputy Assessor
Homestead Credits

 (870) 246-4431

Karen Malcom

Deputy Assessor
Personal Property

 (870) 246-4431

Our Office Functions and Responsibilities

The duty of the county assessor is to appraise and assess all real property between the first Monday of January and the first of July, and all personal property between the first Monday in January and the thirty-first of May. The assessor must make an abstract of assessment showing the total assessed value of the county. On August 1st, the assessor turns over to the County Equalization Board her Real Property Assessment Book and her Personal Property Assessment Book. The assessor is required to maintain current appraisal and assessment records by securing necessary filed data and making changes in valuations as they occur in land use and improvements. She is also charged with staying abreast of all property transactions within the county and keeping a file on all properties updated throughout the year.

Our Office Motto

  • Make each contact with the public professional and courteous. Treat everyone equally and free from favoritism, self-interest or bias.
  • The Assessor’s team members find satisfaction and enthusiasm in their work through opportunities to develop their skill and take advantage of educational opportunities to keep with current and changing laws and technology.
  • The taxpayer is why we are here and we are here to serve.

Our Office Mission Statement

To discover, list, and value all property in Clark County with the utmost accuracy and integrity while developing a well-trained staff to better serve our county.

Read our complete How-To guide on assessing your property.

Download and print our most requested forms here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The market value of all of your taxable property (as established by the county assessor) is multiplied by 20% (the assessment level applied in Arkansas). Multiply this assessed value times the millage rate established for your jurisdiction.

School millage is set by election each year. The governing bodies establish county general, county road and city general millage in November. Other millage such as library, and firemen’s pension millage are established by election, levied in November of each year and will carry forward as long as the purpose exists.

One of two things can lead to a tax increase: your property value increased or the millage rate levied in your jurisdiction was increased.

Personal Property that must be assessed: Automobiles, Four Wheelers, Boats, Houseboats, Jet Ski, Boat Motors, Trailers, Campers, Travel Trailers, Motorcycles, Tractors and Misc. Equipment, Livestock-Cattle, Horses, etc. Business Inventory, Business Office Equipment including home based businesses, Business Equipment, Business Furniture and Fixtures, Farming Equipment, Livestock-Cattle, Horses, etc. Lawn Equipment if used in a business.

The property has to be the principal place of residence for the tax payer. He must be either an owner, purchaser under a recorded contract to purchase, holder of a recorded life estate, or a person that has formed a revocable trust that owns the property. Residing in a nursing home does not disqualify a person from the benefits of this provision.

Arkansas law makes it the assessor’s responsibility to physically inspect property to determine what is there that gives it value. A. C. A. 26-26-910(b)(1)

The deadline for assessing all types of personal property is May 31. Assessments filed after this date will include a 10% penalty.

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