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The Quorum Court is the county’s legislative body composed of eleven justices of the peace each elected by and representing the residents of his or her county district for a two-year term. These officials meet on the second Monday of each month to conduct county business and review ordinances and resolutions for passage.

The Quorum Court is reponsible for the levy of county taxes, the appropriation of public funds for the expenses of the county, making various decisions regarding the number and compensation of county elected officials and employees, in addition to other duties and services they provide the county government.

Districts Map and Justices of the Peace

Zach Bledsoe

District 1
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Michael Ankton

District 2
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Vanilla Hannah

District 3
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District 4
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District 5
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David Forthman

District 6
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District 7
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Garry "BJ"

District 8
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District 9
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Wayne Baumgardner

District 10
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District 11
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Quorum Court meetings are open to the public and held on the second Monday of every month at 5:30 PM in the second floor courtroom of the court complex at 412 Crittenden Street in Arkadelphia.  Official minutes of Quorum Court meetings can be viewed and downloaded at the link below:

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